Revise SEO Strategies in 2019


SEO is an inseparable part of modern business. Powerful SEO strategies have proven to be very much effective for increasing conversions and sales for every business. It is one of the influential factors that determines your business ranking on search engines. That is why it is crucial to understand SEO that can significantly improve your traffic and brand awareness.

Study shows that almost 80% of a website traffic starts with a search query. It takes a lot for a business to acquire the top position on search results. Google algorithms are continuously changing making it imperative for businesses to stay updated. Here are some tricks to update your SEO strategies for the ultimate growth of your business.

1. Introduce yourself with Google RankBrain

RankBrain is the name of Google’s first algorithm that specializes in machine learning in order to interpret users’ reaction on the search engine results on the first page. When a user searches for specific keywords, RankBrain turns those keywords into concepts and delivers results for each one of those concepts. The results that a user chooses by clicking on them are considered to be more relevant. Hence their rank goes up.

So it is evident that the more relevant your content is to a search inquiry, the higher you will rank. In order to fully utilize the advantages of Google RankBrain you must try to increase your dwell time and decrease your bounce rate. If a user spends less than 3 seconds on your website, Google will take your content as less impressive and reduce its ranking on search engine result pages. That is why you need to ensure that your content is easy to read and relevant to the majority of Google users.

2. Make your content is easy to share

Sharing contents is the key to link building which is necessary for achieving the top rank in Google search results. Prioritize quality over quantity to upgrade the level of your contents to make it worth sharing. People always select and share the content that contains valuable information.

3. Reuse your old blogs

Recycling your old content by dressing it with some updated information has been proven to be very much effective for driving in traffic on your website. Include all important information to the post that can make it more relevant to the users. Don’t forget to utilize your upgraded marketing and SEO strategy which includes multiple social media accounts, videos and more.

4. Say no to form 404

404 has become a bigger issue for the ecommerce stores that offer multiple discounted products. Sending users to blank pages highly increases the bounce rate which can be harmful for your business ranking. In order to avoid this you can provide the users with a clear next step if they fail to find what they are searching for. 

5. Focus on the keywords

Selecting proper keywords is extremely important in SEO. Strong headings, titles and description tags contribute a lot to generate more clicks which ultimately help them to rank higher in the search engine result pages.

Here are some tips to find better keywords to increase the number of your organic clicks

  • Search for keywords on Reddit
  • Add Google ads keywords in your title and description
  • Look for the keywords that helped your competitors rank higher

Apart from this the two main factors that play major roles in influencing Google ranking are Link building and content. Try to get links from authority websites in your niche and prioritize those links which contain your keyword in the anchor text.

There are an infinite number of things that should be kept in mind while framing your SEO strategy. Our SEO experts at Cssolutions can help you reach your business goals by making your business online presence prominent to your users.

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