What are Different File Types Associated with Web Design?

An interactive website has a lot of elements associated with it. It involves the web pages, logo, images, vectors, and many other things. All of them have different file extensions and names. When you hire a web design company Florida, it will use all the elements to develop a dynamic and attractive website. An attractive web design requires you to work with a lot of different file formats.

Sometimes, there are problems related to understanding the file types and file extensions. With modern web design services Florida, different web pages do not have different extensions. They just become a part of the main domain. But you still need to know the proper file formats for your web design project. The developer will require the right file type for building the website.

In this article, we will look at the different file types and formats used by Florida web design services. We will highlight the common file formats that should be used to give your website that appealing look.

File formats and extensions for web design

There are some generally accepted file formats, types, and extensions used by almost all companies specializing in web design across the globe. A web design company Florida, will commonly follow the same rules. Here's what you need to know about the different types of file for web design services Florida -

1. Image formats

The commonly accepted formats for images are JPG, PNG, and RAW. Designers can also use PDF, TIF, and GIF format, but should try to avoid them. Images must be high resolution and should have at least 72 DPI. Always ensure that images do not have any copyright problems.

2. Logo type

Logos are acceptable in EPS, AI, and SVG formats. They can also be used in PNG format but with a transparent background. Some developers suggest that PDF files are also good for logos but they avoid it. Mostly, PNG files are used for logos. The minimum width should be around 800px and the resolution should be 72 DPI at least.

3. Content type

A web design company Florida will accept the content from the writers in .docx, .txt, or .pdf file. These three formats make it easier for the designer to copy the content and paste it in the website. There are tools easily available to open these kinds of files. Everyone has Microsoft Word or Acrobat Reader to open the files.

4. Dynamic scripts

Most websites have scripts that activate dynamic functionalities on the website. A company providing web design services Florida will use multiple scripts in the backend to run a lot of different elements. Generally, a JavaScript file is used, which is called by the website when the user takes the action. Designers can also incorporate JavaScript directly into the HTML code.

5. Web page extensions

There are three common web page extensions that are used by websites all over the world. A Florida web design services company and others across the globe use .htm, .htm, or.php file type for web page extensions. While HTML is a markup language, PHP is mostly used for macros and scripts on the website.

Some of the other file types and extensions include .shtm, .shtml, .asp, and .cfm. All of them are extensions for web pages, depending on its functionality. The right type of files and extensions will help to optimise the website and increase its attractiveness for search engine results.

Understanding the different file types is important. Web designers often make the mistake of sending files that are not commonly accepted. Therefore, they must ensure that the developers get the right file type so the website can be built as soon as possible.

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