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Website Design Trends 2019

Website audiences are far sharper and judgmental than ever before. They judge the credibility of a business from its website design. Studies show that most consumers research products online before buying them from a local store. So, to create a modern and strong website design it is vital to choose a reliable web design company to keep up your brand reputation, maintain the end result, and secure your future. First of all, let's understand the key modern trends of web design in 2019.

#1 Strong User Interface

Today's web-savvy people expect a smooth online experience right from start to finish. If your website fails to meet the expectation your business could be in serious trouble. Your web-users visit your site and experience a hard time finding the stuff they are looking for; do you believe they would stick to your website through to the end? Of course not! They will indeed walk out because they will be frustrated and will not want to spend their money on your business. You will end up with many prospective leads leaving your website due to poor UI. Studies reveal that proficient UI design can increase your web conversion rates. UI/UX designs have trumped attractive website design and will continue to do in 2019.

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#2 White Space

Clutter is no more in trend now. Websites designed with a considerable amount of white space are easy and effortless to read and navigate. White space helps audiences directly focus on the most essential elements on a website page. White space is technically the empty space on a web page. It doesn't have graphics or photos. This trend is not new but will be even more important in the coming years owing to the continued push for creating stronger conversions and user experience. Too many visual elements or information in a small space will consider your website to be old dated and to the worse will make your site less functional. In 2019 and further years, we can anticipate this trend of white space designs.

#3 Customized Website Templates

If you want to be noticeable in today’s digital marketplace, your website needs to be visually distinguished from the competitors. A generic website will not help you in this context. Website templates have significantly improved over the past few years. Now they are more flexible and customizable but are still templates. This means many other websites will use them; to be easy many companies will use the same design on their website. You just can’t take the risk of getting lost in the crowd. In recent years, customized web design has been intensified since businesses are trying to differentiate their sites from their competitors. In 2019, more and more businesses will adopt this unique web presence. Custom website design is the best tool to achieve the goal.

#4 Bold and Bright Colors

Bright and bold colors are usually used at the homepage of a website. Colors are the most powerful visual communication tool. Moreover, choosing the right colors can really make a difference. As treated before businesses are struggling to differentiate themselves from their competitors; bold and bright colors can help them do that. For this reason, in the upcoming years, you can expect to see more and more companies choose a reliable web design company to include bright colors into their website.

#5 Gradients

Gradients go hand-in-hand with colors. In fact, Gradients are the standard trend in the world of web design. The responsive website design companies in Miami expertly implement the color blending to make gradients appear more attractive. They provide a fine visual interest and this makes them the best. Gradients have nothing to do with the texts. If used skillfully, gradients can drag the viewer's attention to the most essential information on your website.

#6 Robust mobile integration

Smartphones have become the most popular and highly used means to access the internet. Therefore, your website design needs to be responsive to sustain mobile users. Failing to offer audiences a strong mobile user experience will keep your prospective customers away from your business. In 2019 and further, responsive website design and mobile applications will continually be in trend.

#7 Speed

Visitors won’t stay on a page that takes a lot of time to load. Speed is very important to sustain users. July 2018, since when the Google Page Speed Update was introduced, web designers are having the wind in their face to improve the page loading speeds. If you overlook this, your website won’t rank high in the search engine page. 2019 is expected to see more creativity; the year will indeed maintain the trend.

#8 Integrated video

Web visitors like watching videos. A video is the most crucial and ideal media to capture the user's attention. Video also helps in boosting SEO ratings. The value of your website depends on the time spent on your web page. Moreover, videos encourage viewers to stick and spend considerably more time on the website. Small video clips or animations delight and engage people to stay for long on the site by creating a pleasing user experience. This further generates higher SEO results.

Concluding Words

Your website is very important for your business. It needs to be up-to-date. Your brand and website go hand in hand. A little difference can damage your name and customer trust as well. Some of the trends treated here may not be of great help for your type of business or could do perfectly well to connect you with your customers. Incorporate these trends into your business website only if they make sense for your name. And the only best way to be noticeable is to choose the best website design company Miami to build an innovative and attractive responsive website that stands different than the competition.

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