Custom Website Development vs Ready-made Website Template

Building a website is hard work. You have to do a lot of different things: designing, developing, and supporting. Lots of companies are trying to sell something over the internet by using websites. They won't use the websites to get more customers. But building a good website requires trying to make it appealing and "enticing" to people who visit it. The purpose of this is to try to get these people to pay for things, or buy something from you.

One of the primary things to consider is the design of the website. It is probably the most important aspect of building a website. There are two ways to design a website - using either a pre-made website template or hiring a company for custom website development. Both ways, there is a benefit for developing world-class user interfaces.

In this article, we will look at both custom-made websites and pre-designed templates for development. They have their pros and cons, making it easier to understand which one is perfect in what situations. There are certain parameters that decide what kind of website to build and how companies should decide what type of design will be perfect. Since there is no right or wrong choice for building the website, companies can make the decision by looking at both options objectively.

Ready-made website template

As the name suggests, a pre-made website template is a ready-made design that a company can use for its website. This is a page that offers demo content, images, and more, which companies can change as per their requirements.

They can also modify the HTML/CSS and add or remove elements from the page. Pre-made website templates are available on websites like ThemeForest, Theme isle, and more that companies can use in their WordPress or other kinds of websites. They reduce the hassle by providing a pre-built unique design for the website.

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Pros of ready-made website templates

Website templates are easy to use and do not take a lot of time to develop. They are ready-made solutions that do not require any kind of heavy lifting. The pros of pre-made templates include -

Affordable Development
Since the templates are pre-made, there’s no need to design the website from scratch. Developers can make changes to the design, add content, and get the site ready without any heavy spending.

Quick Development
Since there’s no necessity to add elements to the website, the development time is much shorter. Companies can get their website in a couple of weeks by using a pre-made website template.

Ready Immediately
Website templates are easy to use and available online. Companies can download the template and start building the website according to their wish.

Cons of pre-made website templates

However, website templates do come with certain disadvantages. They are preferred by small businesses that require quick designing but have the following cons -

  • A pre-made website template offers limited customization. Developers cannot make changes outside the scope of the template.
  • The website template can be generic if it is highly popular. A lot of websites will use the same template, destroying the uniqueness.
  • Most templates will offer a good design but it will be of subpar quality as the code is written all ready and minimal changes can be made.

Custom made website

Today, companies are increasingly focusing on custom website development. Custom websites are coded from scratch. They are designed using different programming languages (HTML, CSS, and more) according to the need of the company. The elements are added to the website and the result is a custom made website that works as per the expectation of the client. Custom websites offer a lot more than pre-made templates.

Pros of custom website development

There are several reasons why companies prefer custom made sites. The provide a fully functional and appealing website design without compromising on the quality. Some of the pros of a custom made website include -

Highly customizable
Since the design is writing the code from scratch, the custom website offers countless customizations. Companies can make as many changes as they want in the website without any hassle or limitations of adding elements.

Custom websites have codes that is optimized for Search Enginer Optimization. Companies can get a Google-friendly website by integrating the code in such a way that it has maximum chances of appearing in search results.

100% original
Anothe rbig advanatge is that a custom made site is 100% unique. It is a much better option that pre-made templates if the product is something different and requires a 100% original website.

Cons of custom website development

There are some disadvantages of custom made websites as well. These sites require massive coding that might not be needed for severa companies. Some of the cons of custom websites include -

  • A custom made website is much more expensive than pre-made templates because it requires developers to code the site and takes months to complete.
  • The process is highly time consuming as the website requires heavy coding and changes need to be made frequently.

The ultimate decision depends upon the company and how they want to utilize their website development budget. Both are good options depending upon the budget, design aspect, and the time that companies have for website development.

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